Friday, August 31, 2012

Mercury in the Birth Chart

In astrology the planet Mercury is the messenger, the communicator; the planet who links all the others together. He symbolises the way we think and learn, and says something about our communication patterns. Mercury is a planet of speed; he is often happy in quick signs that allow him to make lightning connections and enjoy the thrill of new knowledge at speed. He also however has a deeper, darker, side. Mercury, as the god Hermes, was the only god able to travel to the underworld in Greek mythology. This is symbolic of the power of our mind; it is through our thoughts and understanding that we can travel to the deepest recesses of our subconscious and discover what lies hidden.

Mercury in Aries for example shows a quick, assertive mind, one that rushes into new concepts and may enjoy a lively debate. Mental competition may be enjoyed, and this person will not shy from blurting out their thoughts, particularly if they feel strongly on the topic. Mercury in Capricorn in contrast will give a slower, more careful turn of thought. This placement has a reputation for facility in mathematics and this may well be related to its step by step thought processes, as it gradually builds up knowledge in a logical and organised fashion.

With Mercury in Pisces, learning may come almost by osmosis, as the mind soaks up what is around it. This Mercury placement may lack boundaries in its thoughts, and easily dive in and out of many different areas of knowledge. I have known many fine linguists with this placement; there is something in the versatility and duality of this placement that allows a language to be soaked up. For Mercury in Pisces immersion in a topic of interest may be the best form of learning.

Mercury in Leo might be a very creative thinker, someone who takes great pride in their opinions and enjoys espousing them in dramatic fashion. When Mercury is in the fixed signs, some stubbornness of thought can be present, and it might be difficult to change one's mind, once a course has been set.

Whatever sign your Mercury is placed in, his position in your horoscope will give you an indication of the area of life in which he expresses most naturally. In the 6th house for example, Mercury will play a powerful role in your working life and daily routines, which are likely full of learning and communications! Mercury in the 9th might suggest that the study of foreign cultures or philosophical systems would be highly appropriate, as your mind has a strong need to go beyond its known experience.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Element of Air

Think of the clouds, the vast sky, the soaring realm of ideas, the heights of civilisation. These ideas give a flavour of the element of air, which is associated with the mind, thought, human activity and social relationships. Air is about communication, interaction, style, and aesthetics. It has a lightness, a grace, and an abstract feel. Air is the element of humanity.

The Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all great thinkers, wonderfully measured and calm (with the exception of Gemini when it's in a flit from here to there mood), and all capable of great style, grace and charm. These are the signs that might characterise an intellectual, a thinker, a philosopher, a communicator, someone good with people.

The ruling planets of these signs, Mercury, Venus and Saturn have varying associations with Air. Mercury can be very pure in its airy expression: ideas, communications, connections. Venus is more the aesthetic side of air, loving form, grace and style and the courtly interaction of well-mannered relationships. Saturn as ruler of Aquarius may be the most intellectual form of air, in the sense of a very serious thinker, able to scale the heights of abstract thinking and keep going at an arduous mental discipline.

With the Sun in air, our life purpose has to express our ideas. We may find writing, teaching, learning or communication central to our path and highly fulfilling.

The Moon in air must have room to breathe, to detach from feelings for a while so it can analyse. The Moon in air must have an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to live, and freedom from too many cloying ties so that it may think and reflect in peace.

With Mercury in air we may be masters of abstract thinking, able to weigh up an argument or wax lyrical on some idea or topic.

Venus in air suggests that relationships that stimulate us on the mental level are essential. We will be easily bored by a partner who does not give us something to think about.

With Mars in air we may fight for what we want using wit and intelligence. We may plan our strategy before moving into action and use logical and well-thought out arguments to back up our behaviour.

An emphasis on air suggests someone who loves to think and communicate, and who must have plenty of room to breathe. This is a person who may be a talented speaker, writer or teacher, and who may have a great sense of style or ability for aesthetic appreciation.

With a lack of air it may be difficult for us to entertain abstract concepts. We may be much more comfortable with knowledge that can be applied. We may not easily engage with others or in communication. With conscious effort we can develop these areas of life however and enjoy this most interesting of elements.