Monday, November 12, 2012

Tarot Reading and Other Ways to Predict the Future

People wish to know what lies ahead in their lives and the unknown future is always a cause for worry for many. An individual cannot see the future unless he has the unique ability to interpret the birth-charts, tarot cards, palm reading using experience. Different cultures have their own way of predicting the future, but over centuries a few methods of predictions have gained more popularity than others. Tarot reading, one such popular form, is a complex activity but when it is performed by experts it can reveal a lot about an individual's future. Tarot readers use a deck of cards to perform such interpretations.

Tarot cards that are used for such interpretations belong to occult tarot decks. This twin arcana deck consists of 78 cards divided into two parts; major and minor. The major arcana comprises of 22 cards that are known as the major secrets whereas the minor arcana comprises of 56 cards that are known as the lesser secrets. This deck is further divided into four suits of 14 cards. Tarot reading need not as serious as it is often depicted. It is fun and many individuals make multiple appointments after a few introductory sessions. These readings provide a comprehensive insight into an individual's personal life.

Tarot reading is a specialized discipline among the various occult sciences. However, it is also the most expensive. Tarot reading may not cost a fortune but not everyone can afford it. The average tarot reader conducts sessions that last for an hour and charges vary depending on the reader's experience and reputation. At the moment there are not many tarot readers with the experience to handle questions of an intense nature and such experienced people are in high demand and sought out.

Apart, from tarot card reading other disciplines of occult sciences provide answers that would solve doubts of any suspicion. Psychic readings involve the extrasensory perception of highly gifted individuals. These individuals are known as psychics and the practitioner of this art is called a psychic advisor. Psychics can see the past, the present and the future to be. There is no explanation to justify such abilities but individuals with these abilities do provide authentic readings. Their abilities are recognized by many and those looking to get authentic readings. However, individual psychic ability would vary among advisors but they are much different from a tarot reading. These forms of interpretations and predictions cannot be compared; each has its place in social circles.

There is always an ongoing debate to explain how a psychic or a medium works and the reliability of the readings that they provide. Questions about the validity of future interpretations or communicating with the dead and beyond will always be shrouded in mystery. Though the various forms of predictions can provide answers to questions on life, relationships, careers choices and vocational discernment, they must be taken with a pinch of salt. It is important to know that an astrologer can only guide and shine some light on the dark road ahead by his predictions, the individual still has to walk the path himself.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Top Essential Benefits of Psychic Medium Readings

Death is inevitable. We know that at one point, this is where everybody is going to. It is part of the natural course of life which we all have to accept, whether it is easy or difficult.

However, all deaths come as a surprise to all. Except for those who have been sick for a long time with something very serious and incurable, people, especially his love ones may be able to prepare themselves. But what about those who die a sudden death like an accident? How do the love ones let go and move on? What if there are things that both the dearly departed and the love ones behind have to say? How will they go over that?

The answer is through a psychic medium reading. It is a psychic method of contacting the spirits of dead people. When done correctly, any person who comes to a real and genuine psychic medium will be able to communicate with those in the spirit world.

Types of psychic mediums

Trance medium. A trance medium allows the spirit to enter her body and use it to directly communicate with the loved one. In this scenario, the family of the dead person gathers around a table with the medium who is then entered by the spirit of the person being sought.

Physical medium. A physical medium will not let his body be used by the spirit but just allows it to be close enough for him to be detected. He may show himself in the form of a cloud or silhouette and the family of the departed will gather around the medium.

Mental medium. Though telepathy, a mental medium is able to receive the messages from the spirit and then relays this to the family who is waiting for the information.

So if you try psychic medium readings, what are the benefits that you can reap?

Closure is achieved. When there are questions or issues which need to be clarified between the spirit and the love one left behind, then these may be answered and closed. Both of them will be able to move on with their lives. Also, it may help lessen the pain being experienced by the family of the dead person.

Information and peace of mind. If the family of the dead person wishes to know where the spirit is now, if he is happy or sad, then they can use a psychic medium reading to find out. Whatever parting messages they have, they can exchange it through the psychic medium.

To alleviate loneliness. Psychic medium reading is not only for those who have recently died. This can also very well apply to those people who have passed away a long time ago and their families would want to contact them out of loneliness. This, when done correctly, will surely alleviate the pain and loneliness.
Psychic readings, regardless of their type, have long been helpful to people as they connect with the spirit world and the other dimension.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feng Shui Timing and Skyfall?

Roll out the Sky ball?

Today sees the general release of the new James Bond film Skyfall and from a Feng Shui perspective, they must have used auspicious timing in choosing this date. It's not surprising, as the film is reputed to have cost a whopping £93.7m ($150m). With such an investment, who wouldn't use auspicious timing to maximise their returns? Kerching!

There are many ways to choose auspicious timing and relatively recently, an Asian construction company won a global multibillion dollar contract and avoided hefty late penalties by doing so. "Going with the flow" as great timing is sometimes known, is used globally by those who know of its success record; to launch, host, unveil or announce important events. Let's look at some of the options available today.

In the Tong Shu or Chinese almanac, today is listed as an "Open" day; a lucky day to unveil or present something new. Whilst in Chinese astrology, it's a Metal Monkey day, which has a special distinction within the Chinese zodiac as it's known as "The Reformer"; a perfect day to give something up or develop new concepts. Consequently, the classic Bond Martini is replaced in Skyfall by a can of Heineken, the privilege of which cost the lager company almost a third of the film costs.

Although, Skyfall's general release is today, the world wide premiere was actually 3 days ago on the 23rd October; a day auspicious for new cycles and long term partnerships. As this film breaks records in its partnerships with sponsors, it's highly appropriate. However, in the 28 Lunar Mansions, the moon appears in the Ghost constellation, so let's hope this aspect doesn't turn around to haunt them.

When we consider the Chinese astrological elements of Yang Metal which indicates Heaven or sky, and Monkey's metal elements denoting spherical shapes (ball), you can see the inspiration behind today's title. Furthermore, the Monkey day and Dog month Chinese zodiac signs are the beginning and end of a spectacular alignment. They only need the Rooster to complete and finalise it. Rooster represents entertainment and the showman.

In Chinese mythology, the Rooster is known as the bird that cannot fly but makes a lot of noise. It can indicate critics, so having film critics on board will make Skyfall the surefire success it deserves to be. However, the truly clever aspect about today's lucky timings is that entertainment and critics aside, between 5pm and 7pm we enter the Rooster double hour, which completes the triple alignment of Monkey, Rooster and Dog to create the strongest ever metal element. This can be likened to pure gold and represents outstanding wealth to the fire element of the film industry and its director Sam Mendes. In the UK and Ireland where the film opens today and at teatime tonight, it may feel similar to a PT Barnum moment where we are all part of the greatest show on earth!

Returning to solid ground, the Chinese almanac is positively grinning and recommends meditation or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, taking a course visiting friends, having a haircut, sweeping house, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, opening a water course and drilling a well.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Element of Earth

The element of earth is all about being grounded, being physical, being incarnated, and manifesting tangible things in life. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are famed for their down to earth approach to life, for their organisational abilities, for their strong senses and physical needs, and for their ability to harness the resources of the material and natural worlds.

Their rulers, Venus, Mercury and Saturn seem to have varying degrees of association with the earth element. Venus as ruler of Taurus finds her place as a lover of physical experience, particularly sensuous experience and the value she places on money and security achieved through material goods. Mercury is less naturally associated with earth, as the planet of ideas and communication, but in clever Virgo finds his knowledge applied in an orderly and organised fashion. Saturn is the planet that seems most at home with earth energy, and his rulership of Capricorn, the last and most complex of the earth signs, shows his powerful presence in the material, financial and physical realms, as the planet most able to harness the realities of incarnation.

With the Sun in earth, the individual finds fulfilment through doing something tangible, perhaps through running a business, or applying knowledge, or building up a life of security and material prosperity. The realm of the body and the senses is important to one's sense of identity - one has to feel real and solid.

The Moon in earth suggests an innately grounded personality, a person able to deal with mundane reality. This is someone who finds nurturing in physical routines, in contacting their body and in organising their resources in well-managed fashion.

Mercury in earth gives the individual an ability to apply ideas and knowledge, and a natural understanding of which ideas will make it into reality.

Venus in earth suggests that the physical side of love may be particularly important, and that values may tend towards the pragmatic, sometimes even materialistic side. A person with Venus in an earth sign wants a lover who understands how to deal with life on the material and physical levels.

With Mars in earth we may excel at going after our goals and making them a reality. Organisation and planning may be key parts of our strategy for getting what we want.

Those who have an emphasis on earth in their chart are often brilliant at manifesting. They understand how the world works in that 'real' sense. They have buckets of common sense, and often contain natural business acumen. The physical and material realms are their natural domain.

With a lack of earth there can be problems with neglect of the body and difficulties in understanding how to make ideas and dreams a reality. A lack of common sense is often apparent, and the last thing you could say about these people is that they have their feet on the ground! With conscious effort in finding a foothold in the material and physical worlds however, they can make great progress, as they value their achievements in this sphere of life very highly.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Element of Water

Think of the rivers, lakes and vast oceans, of the tides of feeling that can sweep over you from time to time. Think of the nuances and moods of emotion that characterise human experience. In all these things we find the essence of the element of water.

The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces all concern the vast realm of the feelings. Cancer has a great protectiveness to it, a very nurturing feel. Scorpio represents the emotions that touch us most deeply, that arouse the most passionate and fierce of our feelings. In Pisces we find great sensitivity to the unseen realms, and a strong theme of letting go and sacrifice. In this last of the water signs we find the capacity to release outworn feelings that are holding us back.

The planets that rule these signs, the Moon, Mars/Pluto and Jupiter/Neptune all have varying degrees of association with water. The Moon is perhaps the most natural signifier of our feeling life, and her constantly changing cycle of waxing and waning phases aptly reflects the ebb and flow of human emotions. Mars is feeling through passion and drive, whilst Pluto more aptly reflects the deepest and darkest emotions that lie at the base of our soul. Jupiter is, I think, less associated with water than its co-ruler of Pisces, Neptune, who wonderfully reflects the vast ocean of the subconscious and all that is irrational and mysterious in the world. These too are associations of the element of water.

With the Sun in a water sign our fulfilment is bound up with the extent to which our vocation or identity can express our emotions and feelings.

The Moon in water often suggests a very sensitive and emotional person, someone who may suffer from mood-swings (particularly the Moon in Cancer). With the Moon in water we are instinctively acting from our own subjective emotions and may find it harder to access the emotional states of others, so overwhelmed are we by our own rich feeling life.

With Mercury in water our thinking is often coloured by our emotions, and we may communicate with sensitivity and attention to our feelings.

Venus in water often enjoys a close, emotional relationship, where the honouring of each other's feelings is a prime component.

With Mars in water our ability to go after what we want may be strongly linked with the extent of our emotional involvement. If we do not feel it, we simply do not act.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Astrology: Mercury Retrograde

Several times each year, the planet Mercury goes into its retrograde phase. This means that, viewed from Earth, the planet appears to stop still in the heavens and move backwards. Mercury is not really moving backwards, but the fact he appears to be doing so has symbolic significance.

Mercury retrograde periods have a bad reputation in astrology. Many astrologers refuse to make applications, fill out paperwork or proceed with important decisions during the Mercury retrograde phases. But is Mercury retrograde all bad?

To assess what it might be a good time to do and not to do we need to go back to the symbolism of this planet. Mercury rules communications, learning, connections, trade and commerce. He is a linking planet, one which can move between the others, creating vital relationships.

With Mercury retrograde, it is often helpful to use the time to review communications, contacts and decisions. If we make new decisions in this period, these may be one's that reflect a reversal of previous thinking or which have something particularly reflective about them.

Even greater use can be made of Mercury's cycle by considering the sign he is traversing when retrograde, and what area of the chart he covers for you. If he retrogrades in Scorpio for example, it might be a time to review communications concerning deep emotions, sexual matters, or intrigues and power struggles. If he retrogrades in Aquarius, it might be the time to review decisions relating to technology, progress or humanitarian concerns.

When Mercury's retrograde phase highlights one of your natal planets then his backwards movement could be particularly important. For example, if he moved backwards over your Sun, this would mean that he would conjoin your Sun three times in a small space of time (once direct, then back over, then by moving forwards again). There is therefore a highlighting of your life direction and purpose (Sun) and there may well be important communications or decisions around your vocation that need to be closely considered.

It would be foolish to think that we should take no action at all when Mercury is retrograde, or down tools on all transactions or communications. But it is as well to be aware that often, when this trickster is moving backwards, things do seem to go slightly awry with communications or paperwork. We may therefore need to consider what Mercury may be asking us to re-think or review, and take a little more care than usual to ensure our decisions are the product of sufficiently deep reflection.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mercury in the Birth Chart

In astrology the planet Mercury is the messenger, the communicator; the planet who links all the others together. He symbolises the way we think and learn, and says something about our communication patterns. Mercury is a planet of speed; he is often happy in quick signs that allow him to make lightning connections and enjoy the thrill of new knowledge at speed. He also however has a deeper, darker, side. Mercury, as the god Hermes, was the only god able to travel to the underworld in Greek mythology. This is symbolic of the power of our mind; it is through our thoughts and understanding that we can travel to the deepest recesses of our subconscious and discover what lies hidden.

Mercury in Aries for example shows a quick, assertive mind, one that rushes into new concepts and may enjoy a lively debate. Mental competition may be enjoyed, and this person will not shy from blurting out their thoughts, particularly if they feel strongly on the topic. Mercury in Capricorn in contrast will give a slower, more careful turn of thought. This placement has a reputation for facility in mathematics and this may well be related to its step by step thought processes, as it gradually builds up knowledge in a logical and organised fashion.

With Mercury in Pisces, learning may come almost by osmosis, as the mind soaks up what is around it. This Mercury placement may lack boundaries in its thoughts, and easily dive in and out of many different areas of knowledge. I have known many fine linguists with this placement; there is something in the versatility and duality of this placement that allows a language to be soaked up. For Mercury in Pisces immersion in a topic of interest may be the best form of learning.

Mercury in Leo might be a very creative thinker, someone who takes great pride in their opinions and enjoys espousing them in dramatic fashion. When Mercury is in the fixed signs, some stubbornness of thought can be present, and it might be difficult to change one's mind, once a course has been set.

Whatever sign your Mercury is placed in, his position in your horoscope will give you an indication of the area of life in which he expresses most naturally. In the 6th house for example, Mercury will play a powerful role in your working life and daily routines, which are likely full of learning and communications! Mercury in the 9th might suggest that the study of foreign cultures or philosophical systems would be highly appropriate, as your mind has a strong need to go beyond its known experience.